Out of the mouths

One thing I fear may be lost forever due to my writing break are the gems that have come out of the mouth of my 3-year old. At the time I swear I will remember them forever, but of course that's not reality. It is the recording of them that gives them immortal life.

So, with no further a-do, I give you Tator Tot:

Knock, Knock
Who's there?
Milkshake who?

Mom: Everyone safely buckled in?
Tator: Flee buckled in!
(You might have to think about that one for a minute.)

Tator: Something smells like a toot
Dad: I think it's the eggs
Tator: Eggs don't toot

Tator: Where's Dad?
Mom: He's running on ahead
Tator: Dad's running on a head?!

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And we're back!

Hello readers!
I miss writing over here. I miss rambling about motherhood and life as a work-from-home mom with two active, creative, smarty-pant kids. Very soon I will be back with a new post which will begin a new chapter for me and my writing life. I guess you could say I want to teach an old blog some new tricks.

See you soon!

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