Doing my Blog Love Duty

As a nominee for the "I Love Your Blog" award it was asked that I in turn nominate some of my favorite blogs. Seven to be exact. Unfortunately, I don't even read seven blogs. I have visited many, commented on a few, and kept visiting about four. Not because the others weren't good - I just don't have the time. My eyeballs are twitching enough as it is just from writing this blog, reading emails, and paying online bills. I don't even visit the Mothering.com forums like I used to. So I will nominate two blogs today and as I go along I will add some more.

And the winners are:

Mocha Momma: I find her open and honest, funny, and intelligent (and coffee makes me very happy).

GreenMountainCountryMama: Other than the fact that I owe her one as the person who introduced me to this blogging world, she cracks me up (and invites us to pool parties in the summer, so I have to stay on her good side).

Congrats! Go forth and put that graphic over there on your blog and nominate your own seven favorite blogs.

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gmcountrymama said...

Well, shucks, thank you! I am glad I turned you on to blogging. Did I warn you about the addiction that goes with it?

Mocha said...

j. lucy...you have made my day! When I think about my return to blogging (soon, I think, really!) this makes me want to come back much faster.

You have honored me beyond what I can express, so how about a great big Thank You!?