A blog by any other name...

I have commitment issues.

My Blog-to-be needed, nay, demanded, a name. Not any old name either. It had to big, bright, worthy of it - worthy of me. I couldn't have my dear Blog going around with a small, pitiful name. My very individuality, personality, career... life hung on this one name.

Blog waited patiently while I looked at various words and phrases, played with puns, and pondered on the meaning of this relationship between Blog and me.

Finally, I choose. Commitment made. Phew!

But then what do I find out? The name's exchangeable! My Blog can reject the name - my name - and I'd have to start the search over for a new - better - one. I'd made a decision and now... oh, the turmoil.

I'm questioning myself again: Did I choose the right name? Is it bright enough? Will it catch other people's eye? What does it say about me?

But for now, I am sticking to my guns and making my dear one keep this name. I've committed to this Blog, so it can wear the name I gave it.

Until I find a new one.

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