Put the blog down and step away from the computer

I should have known. I know what I'm like.

This blog, the blog I insisted was not for me, has me and won't let go. Each time I walk past my desk it calls out to me. I check 50 times a day to see if anyone has happened upon (out of the 2, 010,030 possible google hits) my silly dawdlings. Or I mess with the layout, the colors, or the wording of my profile. And I plan to polish up my rusty photoshop skills to make an artistic banner for myself. And photos? Oh, the possibilities.

I don't have time for this! I am in danger of neglecting my other responsibilities. I have two incredibly - to put it nicely - active children whose wills do not match each others' ways, one hard-working-comes-home-starving husband, and an old house that is in perpetual danger of crumbling into the sea of strewn toys and piled high laundry baskets.

And what about the very reason I began this blog - my writing? OK, yes, I'm getting valuable daily practice, but no publishing gonna be happening just because I have a pretty blog page.

No, I must organise, prioritize, departmentalize. If I'm going to be charged with neglect it would be better to have an under-nourished and under-dressed blog than children fighting over whose dust bunny collection is largest.

Then again, my blog doesn't back talk, produces no dirty laundry, and goes to bed the moment I ask it. Hmmm...

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Jessica said...

I check 50 times a day to see if anyone has happened upon (out of the 2, 010,030 possible google hits) my silly dawdlings.

That's EXACTLY how I feel! I too am submitting to AC and trying to get freelance work to avoid the 9 to 5. I love writing and if I can get it to pay (some of) the bills; then great! I don't know if anyone has viewed my blog and it drives me crazy. I just wanted to let you know that I read this, appreciated it, and bookmarked it. Good luck to both of us!

BTW, you now have TWO verified readers at least. I am a different Jessica the the one who commented before. So celebrate!

j.lucy muses said...

You just made my day! I am celebrating. How did you find me? Yes, definitely good luck to you! I will run to your blog right now...

Jessica said...

We're in the AC thread together at mothering.commune! I also LOVE your AC articles. I really like it when an author can take you right where they are through details. Excellent writing!