Sponge, Overdone

I learned a valuable lesson today... write every little idea down!

Last week I had a brilliant idea for an article (I will contend it was brilliant because no one will have the opportunity to dispute that fact). It was sufficiently controversial (dreamed up in a moment of parental distress) to be of possible interest to a magazine like Brain, Child - that's the dream I was reveling in anyway. I told my husband I had this idea and I wrote it in my journal - problem is I didn't tell him (he wouldn't remember even if I had told him) or write down what the idea was, just that I had one. Duh!

I have tried to remember where I was or what I was doing (or, most likely, what the kids were doing) when the muse struck me, but I can't even recall that. I have tried to recreate the moment when I was writing, "I have an idea for an article" in my journal hoping that would prompt some synapse to fire. I have tried stream of consciousness writing willing it to arrive on the page. But no, it's gone. Gone.

So, my dear fellow writers, WRITE IT DOWN! I trusted my over-saturated brain with one tidbit too many and now Brain, Child will never have the chance to publish the best article they never received.

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