Get a room!

I am writing these words while sitting in my very own room - actually my own building! I am surrounded by nothing but my own things, not a plastic truck, baby doll or dirty dish in sight to remind me of all the other trillion things I "should" be taking care of. Most importantly, is it QUIET. Yes, I know, I am THE luckiest woman ever! But I have been manifesting this one for a long time (if I dug out some old journals I could prove it to you but you'll just have to believe me on this one).

The converted garage in our yard was a disaster: smelly, dirty, and just used for extra storage.


But now, I am beyond pleased to present (drum roll, please)...


I have dreamed of having a "patio" like this for a long, long time. And as I am always saying, if you dream it, it will be. It still needs lots more flowers (preferably geraniums) but I must be patient.

Just out of the picture on the wall next to my table is a picture of Anais Nin, my muse. There is also a photograph of two chairs by my wonderful and very talented friend, Amy. It inspires and makes me happy to surrounded by beauty, creativity, and talent.

This is Hubby's chair next to his beloved craft and homesteading books...
I think he deserves a little corner for himself too.

I have to give Hubby huge thanks! He tore down the rotten walling in the back and then jeopardized his lung and brain functions by painting. What dedication to my dream! I won't show you pictures of upstairs. It is still disgusting... orange shag carpet and all! At some point that will become Hubby's space.

I am having a hard time keeping the kids out, they don't understand a mother's need for space and quiet. And how could I ever explain without making them think they are not loved? I read (or heard on NPR?) somewhere about a woman whose mother would tie a ribbon on her office door when she was not to be disturbed. The child felt rejected not understanding that her mother had other responsibilities besides loving her. That resonated with me. So now that I am no longer working out of the home I am going to try to only come here when they are at school or camp. When they are home I will hopefully feel less pulled by my need to write because I will have had real time to fulfill that desire. I can refill my "me" tank, then have the energy to put on my other hats - housewife, wife, mother.

Today I need this space. My emotions are spinning this way and that. I am elated. I am scared. I am feeling vulnerable. I am relieved. My next post will explain all.... please stay tuned.

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Breeze said...

I want one! I type in the basement where they play. But the youngest goes to school in the fall every other day and I plan on changing things up a bit and making it more mine! I do have a room though, since we now can use the space in our basement the living room is clean, tidy and all mine!


Anonymous said...

that is amazing! and so sensitive of you to think of your kids...such a nice mama!


boatbaby said...

I am green with envy - what a lovely refuge. I remember even BEFORE I had my son when I was freelancing fulltime, I rented a loft in a friend's house. Just going 2 minutes up the road to a different space away from the distractions of home made a HUGE difference.
I long for a little corner of my own.

Erin J said...

Oh how lovely! It reminds me of Madeline L'Engle's writing retreat and it makes me think I need to make one too!

Holly Noelle said...

Amazing! A whole building of your own! I'd like a room of my own...or 3 hours to myself. *sigh* Such is the nature of babies. Before I know it I'll be sad that she's left the nest so I'm trying to enjoy it while it lasts. But sometimes I'm just got no "mama" left.

Enjoy your new space!

dillard said...

How cool is your space! And I am so honored to have one of my photos in there!! Wow!

joanna said...

Thanks everyone... and I'm sorry to make you all so jealous! I hope that it inspires you to grab even just a corner to make your own. And if you're ever in town you can come hide at The Refuge... until I want it back :)