Let's Mingle!

One of my newly established "internet friends" at raisingsmartgirls.wordpress.com asked her readers to answer some questions about themselves so we might get to know each other a little better. I have some readers I know nothing about other than by the comments they occasionally post (come on people, I need more love!). Will you join in? Either answer in the comments or post on your own blog.

  • What do you do for your job?
I am mother of two, wife of one, and cleaner of much. I am also trying to establish myself as a freelance writer and journal writing workshop leader.
  • What work feeds your souls (this may be identical to your job, but if so, then you are a lucky creature)?
The mother, wife, and cleaner part of my life are definitely not soul-feeding (except when Hubby and I have long talks - after the house is finally quiet and we're still fractionally lucid - and remember why we are so good together.) Writing is my life line.
  • What intellectual topics fascinate you and want to learn more about?
After reading RaisingSmartGirls' extensive list my few intellectual interests seem sadly inadequate. But here goes:
  1. Spirituality (finding it myself and seeing how it works in other people's lives)
  2. Writers, their lives and their techniques
  3. The real lives of historical - not necessary famous - figures (particularly females)
  4. Human behavior based on personality/type (Myers Briggs, for example)
  • What are your hobbies?
Hobbies aren't on my radar right now. I barely seem to have time to breathe these days. I'm also way too hard on myself - when I have a moment free from the kids I work. Even if I do get to a coffee shop I bring about four projects. I guess the truth is, my work is my hobby. For example, right now I am reading Christina Baldwin's Life's Companion and I am trying to go through all the journal exercises that accompany it. I give myself homework and make myself feel guilty if I don't get it done. True hobbies are:
  1. Writing (journal, blog, personal essays)
  2. Reading (historical novels, personal essays, mysteries)
  3. Coffee shops
  4. Rearranging furniture & decorating the house (NOT as in painting, wallpapering)
  5. Antique stores or other fun shops/little towns
  6. Creative projects (that I regrettably never get to do anymore): drawing, making notecards, photo albums (not scrapbooking).
  7. Chatting with friends (I don't have many, we're new to the area... and shy)
  8. Guilty pleasures? TV, shopping.
So, there goes. Your turn!

edited to say: This shows how much I am out of touch with my own loves - I completely forgot to list a couple of my hobbies. I love to sing and I used to sit at the piano or in my car and sing and sing. I have sung numerous solos over the years and at times (especially when a little down) I would go through my entire repertoire (and usually make myself cry). I also like to dance. I'm not good at it but sometimes I will put on some Middle Eastern or African music and just lose myself in the rhythm.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing. I hope more feel like playing along. I think it's such a great thing to know what my internet friends do for work and for pleasure and what moves them.

I am usually moved to tears with music, but I can't sing worth anything anymore. I used to in the HS choir, but that was many years ago.

Oh, and also thanks for being inspiring to me!

Are there any types of Middle Eastern/African music on YouTube that you like?

I like the Australian Aboriginal type music like this one from Outback: Baka


joanna said...

I haven't investigated youtube that much, although I have found some fun bollywood music there. The Outback music is very cool... not sure how to dance to it - I guess any way I want :)