Tweet, Tweet?

Could someone please enlighten me on why I need to Twitter (or is it Tweet?)?

I just joined tonight because I have been hearing all over the place that it is THE next big thing. And because I don't seem to be having much luck gaining readers for this blog I thought I'd give it a try.

Trouble is, I am already addicted to Facebook. No, not taking stupid quizzes that tell me whether I am 94% compatible with my partner or sending people hatching eggs (what is that all about?); no, even sadder, I am addicted to informing my 104 friends (I can honestly call about 90 of them real-life friends..., oh OK, or acquaintances) that I hung out my laundry and feeling proud of myself for doing so or that motherhood is a test of the gag reflex. Then I check a dozen times a day to see who cares. Lord, that's lame! I do also use Facebook to promote my journaling workshops but as of yet that has produced little business.

Do I really need another reason to stop by my laptop on the way to the kitchen and, again before I put in another load of laundry, and again before I hang it on the line? Do I need something else to keep me from getting to my bed before my eyes are red and blurry? Is it necessary to tell the world my every thought and action?

WANTED: Another distraction to take time and attention away from my children and writing.

NO! Make it stop!

But what if I'm missing out on a great way to promote myself, my writing, my workshops?

I really don't get it. How exactly will Twitter help my career? Help this social-networking rookie understand. Please!

p.s. http://twitter.com/jlucymuses

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Breeze said...

I sent you a request to follow...

I tweet...and I "get" it but I don't read my tweets..I think I need a desktop program like tweet deck or something