Businessman on floor surrounded by papersToday I am taking the day off.

(If I could place one of those little emoticons here, the one that is rolling around, smacking the floor, overcome by laughter, I would. I think the term is LMAO.)

Correction: Today I am NOT going to send out any press releases, email anyone promoting my journal workshops, or post any posters on general store bulletin boards, so congested with posters for yoga classes and lost kitties, that mine - even purple as it is - just melts into the chromatic puddle of papers.

Today I am NOT going to start following any more authors or editors on Twitter or try to click on all their links or subscribe to their blogs in an attempt to become as well-informed a writer as possible. (In the two days since I joined Twitter I have managed to completely overwhelm myself with all the @hti.ly RT@hi.nj and http://tinyurl.WTF. I even downloaded TweetDeck which scares the hell out of me every time it blurps another "powerful tool for writers" from the corner of my screen. How exactly does spending all my time networking or learning from the pros help me as a writer when I don't have a second left in the day to actually write??? So, so bewildered.)

Today I am NOT going to feel guilty about the 95 posts sitting in my Google Reader or the others that somehow landed in My Yahoo that I haven't had a chance to read.

Today I am NOT going to check sitemeter, facebook, IM, or email. (However I will turn on my cell phone, you know, that strange antiquated thing that does nothing other than let me talk to real people in real time... how novel.)

Today I AM going to clear up the clutter in my house - the DVDs on the floor, the clothes on the dining room table (clothes on the table... really?).

Today I AM going to (maybe) put back in the shed the bikes, bears, buckets, and bubble-makers and mow the lawn that I think is still under all that mess.

Today I AM going to put Tator in the stroller and walk downtown in the sun (the sun!) - and probably get some groceries, because I can't be a complete slacker.

Today I AM going to take the day off.

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Morgan U said...

You deserve it! COunt me out of the twitter, i couldnt even keep up with facebook!