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I had no patience with the children's antics tonight, and while I would like to turn to a glass of wine for solace, the bottle is dry. So, here I am hunkered over my laptop instead. Writing is my drug of choice and thankfully I don't have to put on a bra to go out to get it.

But, unfortunately, my bottle is also dry and I need to borrow a blog topic. This one is from Noble Savage: visit her - she's a working/writing mother who is intelligent, opinionated, and funny.

Here goes...

15 years ago today I would have been:

  • Finishing up my thesis for my History Honors Degree (comparing the fashions of Renaissance and Victorian Europe... don't ask when I thought I would use that in real life.)
  • Living at home.
  • Driving around in a 1984 Subaru (the first car I purchased with my own money) with the license plate "Yeovil."

10 years ago today I would have been:

  • Suffering through the death throes of a seriously wounded relationship.
  • Living in a large house with two exotic dancers (not by choice).
  • Working in the Trust Department of a bank but actively searching for something less boooorING.

5 years ago today I would have been:

  • Fighting off fire ants and casserole-bearing church ladies in Mississippi after moving there a month earlier.
  • Loving being a stay-at-home mom to 15-month Little Lady after leaving the Youth Orchestra where I had worked as Marketing Assistant for the last five years.
  • Wondering what the hell I was doing 1,500 miles away from my parents and four seasons.

1 year ago today I would have been:

  • Celebrating the first anniversary of being back in Vermont and two months in our own home.
  • Walking from home to the coffee shop, library, book store, and park.
  • Finishing a course in Children's Literature.
  • Beginning a instructor-certification course in Journal-Writing.
  • Laying out a program for a local theatre group.
  • Starting Tator in playschool for two mornings a week so I could write...(ha! laundry had a way of ruining that plan.)
  • In disbelief that Little Lady was finishing pre-school and headed to Kindergarten in a few months.

This year I am:

  • A certified instructor of Journal to the Self through the Center for Journal Therapy.
  • A published writer... finally!
  • Working part-time in a 45-female-only gossip tank (there are two males but they sit there quietly enduring the catty-ness) and wondering every day if I'm crazy not to leave well enough alone.
  • Writing whenever, whatever I can and trying to make (and stick to) writing goals.
  • Attempting to overcome my "impostor syndrome" and schedule journal-writing workshops.

Today I:

  • Actually got up early enough to write in my journal before the kids woke up.
  • Walked to work.
  • Endured another (extra) gossipy-catty-entitled-employee day at work (and I admit I was part of it).
  • Did a Walmart diaper run (why are boys so hard to potty-train?).
  • Talked to/got emails from three people interested in my workshop.
  • Am watching American Idol (Adam, that should have been you!).

Next year I hope:

  • Not to be working outside the home.
  • To have a regularly-scheduled workshops and plenty of word-of-mouth advertising.
  • To be more comfortable with submitting essays and queries.
  • To have time to write (and actually using it to write).
  • To have more readers on my blog (and maybe making money off it).
  • That Hubby is settled in a job he really loves (and that we don't have to move because of it).
  • To be balancing motherhood and me-hood better than I am now.
  • Have the money to re-do our kitchen, build a sunroom, and fix up the "guest house" (converted garage) to make it "The Writer's Retreat" (and pigs might fly).

In five years I hope:

  • To be Joanna: Freelance Writer and Certified Journal Therapist.
  • To have a real group of friends.
  • To be a (contributing) part of this community.
  • That both kids are happy in school (but not participating in every extra-curricular activity).
  • That I don't have three children.
  • That I'm aging graciously and that my 40s are the new... ME!

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Amity said...

Thanks for doing this meme, I love learning more about others' past lives and future goals. And if you ever do create a Writer's Retreat I will be taking notes as I hope to have one someday too (again, when pigs fly).

Ruth said...

Great journal writing exercise: "15 years ago I would have...10 years ago I would have..." I think doing that exercise gives one a clearer sense of progress and movement in one's life. Thanks for sharing!

Ruth Folit, www.lifejournal.com

dillard said...

I like this too -- I'm going to give it a try in my own journal. I do read your blog faithfully, my dear Jo!

joanna said...

Amity - let's send positive energy to each other across the ocean that pigs WILL fly.

Ruth & Amy - I hadn't even thought about this as a journal exercise - duh! But it's true, it fits right into the manifesting dreams idea that I am always talking about. Write it down, make it real, make it happen!

Morgan U said...

I think last year sounded like bliss!!!!!!

raisingsmartgirls said...

This is pretty neat. I love looking backwards and seeing where I've come from and how life has changed.

I'm going to try this when I get the chance on my blog too.