OK, Universe, I hear you

If you have been reading lately, you'll know that I have been questioning and questioning. My job, career, life... all under diagnosis. I am truly torn over my job - it has some good things going for it (and for me) and some damn annoying things. Some days I come home wondering how the place will keep its doors open one more minute. But then I'll have a gab with the CEO and be reminded why she is where she is and how we keep on ticking.

After my rants I came to a momentous decision: to not make a decision. Yeah, a bit of a cop out, but this has been my mother's wise mantra for many years - when you can't make a decision, don't.

Well, it worked. Over the course of 12 hours I was handed my answer, literally.

My husband - a psychotherapist - came home and handed me a brochure that had been mailed to his supervisor. It was for a seminar in Journal Therapy being offered two hours away and taught by none other than the director of the Center of Journal Therapy through which I am certified as an instructor. Kay Adams personally approved my application, made notes in my course workbook, and emailed me to tell me I had passed the course. I immediately registered for the seminar, knowing (hoping) I would find the money and a babysitter. Although I am not qualified to offer journal therapy at this point, learning and practicing more techniques can do nothing but help my workshops, not to mention the benefit of networking with therapists and social workers. But most of all, I am excited to group journal with Kay as our moderator.

At work today I mentioned this seminar to my boss. She offered to pay for it through my training allowance! (See, told you I'd find the money.) She wants me to teach the workshops as an additional component of the educational program our organization provides to teen parents. As our grant writer I am the one who has to find the money to pay myself for this!

Later in the day, I was on a follow-up grant call and realized mid-conversation that this person could be a valuable resource for me and my workshops. I later emailed her telling her what I do... laying out a fleece.

I believe Serendipity has paid me a visit. This has all made me realize is that, even though I will have bad days at a struggling nonprofit, I was given this job for a reason. Even though it may seem like it is blocking the path towards my real career, it may actually be the path.

I just have to make sure I keep walking on that path.

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Breeze said...

It will always show up right when you need it if you let go and let it come...great example of this


Heidi said...

I believe in "sleeping on it". If I have something big to figure out and can't seem to do so, I force myself to not think about it and let the answer come to me. Sometimes I'll wake with the answer or it will come like yours did.
Good luck with the workshop.

Courtney said...

If you can't make a decision, don't? i am SO THERE right now - I am totally following your mom's advice. Thanks for sharing!